Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two guys in the Commons sketch

Two guys in the Commons

By: Ryan Taylor

Person #1: Hey look at that girl did you see the rack on her?

(Person #2 talks and turns to the side to Person #1)

Person: #2: Yeah man I saw her she had some big boobs and her butt was looking really good. Look at this one she is really shaking her money maker all down the commons. God I think she is a ten at least.

(Now back to Person #1)

Person #1: Yeah man she is looking good in the face too and her body is banging. Hey baby!! Hey Baby!! how about you and me in my bed.

(Person #2 talking to another girl)

Person #2: Hey baby I can see yourself in my pants. Come over here and sit on daddy's lap,and I'll show you a magic trick.

(Now back to Person #1)

Person #1: Hey good lookin' watcha got cookin'. I like to have some of that you are having.

(Person #2 talking)

Person#2: Man all of these here at this school are really hot and banging. I mean we are in heaven with all of these girls.

(Person #1 ending the sketch)

Person #1: Well I think our work here is done let's go to Wendy's or something and get a bite to eat and harass the hotties there.

(Person #2 talking)

Person#2: That sounds like a plan or better yet we can slap there asses while we are there too.

(Person #1 looks at him devious way)

Person #1: Yeah that would be really nice and cool at the same time.

( Both of them looking,talking and walking while looking at this girl)

Person#1: Wow this girl right here is a number 20 if there was such a scale on the hottie meter. Damn! that girl is rocking. I like to show her a trick or two.

( Person# 2: while walking)

Person# 2: Yeah she all I want to do get in her pants man.

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