Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

name the d-bag skit in the works

Name that d-bag
By: Ryan Taylor

Game show host: Welcome to another installment of name that D-bag the rules are simple name a famous person or some in this school correctly and you automatically get ten points. Look at that lovely group of people what are your names?
Contestant # 1: My name is Mike Hunt and I like in Jacksonville, Florida.
Game show host: That is lovely and what is your name pretty girl?
Contestant #2: My name is Jessica and I live in New York, New York.
Game show host: What is your name and you look like a D-bag.
Contestant 3#: My name is Matt Finely and I live in Rockport, Indiana and I have a kid on the way.
Game show host: Alright Let’s plays name that D-bag. Here’s your first question he is the star of the new movie Milk? Name that d-bag.
Constant #2: How is Sean Penn.!
Game show host: That is correct! Next question he goes to South Spencer and he looks like a caveman?
Constant # 1: How is Mac Webb?
Game show host: How is the magician who stars on the A&E show Kris Angle mind freak?
Constant # 3: Who is Kris Angle?!
Game show host: That’s correct! Next question what rapper was married to Brittney Spears and has own Rap album?
Constant #3: Who is Kevin Federline?
Game show host: That is correct!!

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